Thursday, February 19, 2009

a cosmopolitan fiesta...

after yoga philip and his mum, pamela had us over for dinner al fresco to see off her french friends, francois and ghee...
(both philip & pam are fluent in many languages including french, of course)
pamela and me. she is a fascinating woman.
a tough broad who's lived a million lives all over the world and she is still a beautiful young thing.
in a word, my dream blueprint.

the people in the village talk a lot and think philip and i are sweet on each other.
i can see why, i do look at him with adoring eyes.
sadly, there is no salacious scandal going on here.
mi con amigo.
felicia y philip a la hammock.
mr. & ms. happy.
im smiling.
amanda a la hammock.
still smiling.
headstands in the yoga studio.
you can see the bruises from my surfboard.
dont try this at home.
gaby, my instructor wants to take more.
las olas mas grande mas tarde el dia.
surfs up y'all!!!

p.s. sorry not to post more surf pics. crima es muy problema en la playas.

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