Sunday, February 15, 2009

the dance...

had some friends over for dinner last night to celebrate our individuality and singledom...they are pretty much the crew i roll with here in the village, but last night they became team crazy...
here is philip the welsch!!! he's a crazy behind the scenes kind a guy...look at his sinister stare. anyway, he and i shared a perfect day, we surfed and layed in the sand and walked to a fishing village and bought fish. then we found a broken down shack on the beach and a machete and sliced open coconuts. he wrote a message to me in the sand. it was loads of fun.
felicia, a.k.a. deisel and the acme of the term hot mess!!! she baked us a chocolate cake.
we ate fish tacos and wrote each other valentines...

chocolate hearts, the best kind...
so there was a big dance in the village, we decided to take prom pictures before. sabo, captain america and amanda hug-n-kiss, take one.
forbidden fruit take 2.
phil coppin a feel...hes naughty, that one.
and the rest, well i cant post was a fun night all around and probably the best valentines ive ever had, the whole day.

happy birthday mandy crawford!!! you are part of my insides. love you and may your birthday be magical!!!

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