Tuesday, February 24, 2009

things i love about costa rica

fruit smoothies
la playas
agua de pipa
plumeria trees
mangroves y buttonwood shade
many many moons
and shooting estrellas
skiddish iguanas
no phones
walking to the fishing village to buy fresh catch of the day
ticos y ticas, most patient and kind people around
baile en la noche
millions of tiny white butterflies fluttering at your feet when walking through the forest, its like they are escorting you, so sweet
grasshoppers the size of your head
waves everyday
sunsets y cervezas
simplicity of life
flashlights at night because there are few streetlights
unpaved roads
using a machete on anything
orange and lemon trees
hanging my clothes on the line
the physical challenge of everything
todas cosas...

things i dont like about costa rica,
well, i got sand in my camera and the shutter wont open.
so no mas picturas, solemente palabras.
muy triste pero quiero hacer mas fotografias...
perdon mi espanol, estoy aprendiendo.
hasta luego y pura vida.

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