Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mi amigo christopher, who i always want to call mike???? fruta

kooks dropping in on each other...a big no no!!!!!
chris' sweet jeep...he just corrected me. its a toyota...
meet chris...he is a happy tico/ gringo who speaks five languages...
chris took me to playa avellanas
where the famous pig, lola the third lives....the wave here is more my speed...
we found a nice bakery and had fruit shakes...
chris kite surfs. i make fun of him for this. he can take it. he is also a real surfer.
after all this, chris was missing a line. so, no kite surfing for him. wind  was funky too.
poor chris. i wasnt upset.
chris leaves ahora for liberia where his cousin lives. and ill go ahead answer the big question i know you are all asking yourselves...chris and i are amigos solemente!!!

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